House Fire- Five Thing I would grab

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Burning Down the House.”

Personally I have never gone through  with this but you never know. Recently I did have a close call where my Mum and Dad’s 20 year old Toaster caught flames while I was trying cook some Toast. Luckily my mum managed to put it out before anything else caught light. But my reliance on using electrical cooking appliances as gone to an all time low.

I guess the first thing I would pick up would be my rucksack that has my purse and my car keys already inside and it will useful to put other things. The second thing I would grab would probably my phone and charger, so I could let other family members and friends know that I am safe and so that I can find a hotel. A spare set of clothes so that I could get changed. My Ipod because it has lots of games on there and photos of family and friends and finally my car so that I could drive to the hotel.

What would you guys save?

Aussies donate marsupial mittens to help koalas with burned paws

Aussies donate marsupial mittens to help koalas with burned paws

Why Evolution Is True

Here’s a heartwarming story about how people banded together to help Australia’s emblematic animal, and one of the world’s five cutest mammals. I refer, of course, to the koala (Phascolarctos cinereus). It turns out that, according to both the Guardian and the Times of London, the bushfires that have ravaged parts of south Australia have also killed or injured many koalas. Many of the injured animals have burnt paws, acquired while trying to hang on to blazing trees or to run across burning grass.

Here’s injured Jeremy getting preliminary treatment:

500 Jeremy the koala receives treatment for burnt paws. Photograph: Amwrro.org.au

To save the beasts, their paws first need to be soaked and then, like burnt human hands,  slathered with ointments and dressed, with the dressings changed daily to prevent infection. And that means that people had to make mittens for these marsupials. A call went out for custom mittens. And people responded…

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My Dream Reader

My Dream Reader

When starting up this blog, I never considered who would be my ideal Dream Reader would be until today when I saw the today’s task on Blogging 101. I guess my dream reader would someone who has the same interests and passions that I have and is willing to share, someone who isn’t too judgemental in what you are trying to say and someone who just enjoys reading the blog.

Dear Reader

I hope that you enjoy reading this blog as I do writing it. May you be inspired to do the things that I have already done. Be free to offer up any advice or story you would love to share with me or to other readers. I would love to here from you.

Jenny x

Making a News years Resolution

Making a News years Resolution

untitledI know this is late talking about News Resolutions but is it wrong to not make a new years resolution? In the past I’ve always had my ups and downs with New years resolution and I’ve never really understood how to make one.  Am I supposed to write it down on a piece of paper and then burn it on a hot blasting fire? Or wait for a falling star to come and make a wish?

According to the Cambridge English Dictionary, News Resolution is a promise that you make to yourself on the first day of the year. One night I was watching an episode of Casualty and the episode was about News years eve and resolutions and there was scene where the Coffee Barrister was talking to a lost patient and she said new years resolution are like making a new chapter in your life even if you break it the next day. A lot of people make resolutions on the simplest things or on more life changing event. Here is just a few that I found on a website that people base there resolutions on.

  1. Health and fitness – overwhelmingly, 58% of people are planning to make a health and fitness New Years’ Resolution for 2015
  2. Money – 15% are planning a money goal
  3. Relationships – 8% have a goal about relationships
  4. Business and Career – 7% will focus on their careers
  5. Travel – 6% are planning a travel goal

So, I want to know your resolution. How you plan to keep it. Maybe it will give me some ideas next year.

Last call! The next Blogging 101 class begins Monday.

Last call! The next Blogging 101 class begins Monday.

The Daily Post

New to blogging, and not sure where to start? Never fear, Blogging 101 is here! Fun and free, the next edition of our popular introductory course begins on Monday, January 5 — read on for the details and to register.

Blogging 101 is four weeks of daily bite-size assignments that take you from “Blog?” to “Blog!” — along with a supportive community to encourage you all the way through. At the end of the course, you’ll have a blog you’re proud and excited to publish, and that others are excited to read. Here’s how it works:

  • Assignments fall into three broad categories — publishing posts and pages, customizing your blog, and engaging with the community — and are designed to build on one another.
  • We’ll post a new assignment here on The Daily Post each weekday at 12AM GMT. Each assignment will contain all the inspiration and instructions you need to complete…

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