Making a News years Resolution

Making a News years Resolution

untitledI know this is late talking about News Resolutions but is it wrong to not make a new years resolution? In the past I’ve always had my ups and downs with New years resolution and I’ve never really understood how to make one.  Am I supposed to write it down on a piece of paper and then burn it on a hot blasting fire? Or wait for a falling star to come and make a wish?

According to the Cambridge English Dictionary, News Resolution is a promise that you make to yourself on the first day of the year. One night I was watching an episode of Casualty and the episode was about News years eve and resolutions and there was scene where the Coffee Barrister was talking to a lost patient and she said new years resolution are like making a new chapter in your life even if you break it the next day. A lot of people make resolutions on the simplest things or on more life changing event. Here is just a few that I found on a website that people base there resolutions on.

  1. Health and fitness – overwhelmingly, 58% of people are planning to make a health and fitness New Years’ Resolution for 2015
  2. Money – 15% are planning a money goal
  3. Relationships – 8% have a goal about relationships
  4. Business and Career – 7% will focus on their careers
  5. Travel – 6% are planning a travel goal

So, I want to know your resolution. How you plan to keep it. Maybe it will give me some ideas next year.


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