House Fire- Five Thing I would grab

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Burning Down the House.”

Personally I have never gone through  with this but you never know. Recently I did have a close call where my Mum and Dad’s 20 year old Toaster caught flames while I was trying cook some Toast. Luckily my mum managed to put it out before anything else caught light. But my reliance on using electrical cooking appliances as gone to an all time low.

I guess the first thing I would pick up would be my rucksack that has my purse and my car keys already inside and it will useful to put other things. The second thing I would grab would probably my phone and charger, so I could let other family members and friends know that I am safe and so that I can find a hotel. A spare set of clothes so that I could get changed. My Ipod because it has lots of games on there and photos of family and friends and finally my car so that I could drive to the hotel.

What would you guys save?


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