Catching up

Catching up

Hey guys sorry I haven’t posted in awhile. A lot of things have happened since I last posted. For starters over the summer I went to Italy for 2 weeks with my family. We stayed in a villa in a town that was close to the tower of Pisa. The weather was very hot and perfect for sunbathing weather. We saw many different landmarks including the Roman stadium and the Tower of Pisa.

I have also got another Part-Time job which means more money for me to spend as I please. I have also taken up a new hobbies such as adult coloring which can be quite relaxing if you’ve had a stressful time at work or just need a bit of me time. And you don’t need a good artist but you just have to remember to color in between the lines.

As it’s been awhile. I have a few ideas that maybe posted in the near future and I’m willing to share any blog posts that I may find interesting for anyone to read. But timing is everything so just bear with if I take awhile to post.

Have a nice, Oh and a Happy New Year (Yes, I know its late)




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