6 Things to do when you get bored

6 Things to do when you get bored

1.Plan a night out with your friends or one of your close family members. 

If you haven’t been out in awhile, then having girls night out or a guys night out is a key way to get away from stresses at work and just have fun. But  you don’t have to go all out to have a good time. Dinner at your or your friends favorite restaurant is an easy way to have fun and catch up on all the gossip. If you don’t have much money, then you can always plan a movie night with take out and popcorn. Or host a games night and open up those dusty old board games that you haven’t played in years.

2. Have a Clear out

Having a clear out is a perfect of getting rid of some old items that you haven’t used in years. You never know what you may find in that cupboard that you haven’t opened up in years because its full of stuff that you don’t need.  You may find something that you are able to sell or something that you are able to donate to a local charity shop.

3. Take a Drive Somewhere

If you have a car, then taking a drive somewhere is a perfect way to find adventure in a new place. You don’t have you to travel far to discover a new restaurant or a new shopping center.  Just remember to have a Sat Nav or a map with you so you can get yourself back home again.

4. Do a work out DVD or Go Swimming 

Yes it’s time to get your old gym clothes out and dust off the Work out DVD that’s been sitting in your shelf for some time. Also its a perfect time to ask a friend a round and have a laugh. You may want to film yourself and create a silly video. Swimming is also a good way to float around and have time with your inner thoughts.

5. Bake a cake or Cook something new

There are tonnes of recipes for you to try. All you got to do is look them in a recipe book or on the Internet. You never know until you try. You be the next Jamie Oliver. 

6. Catch up on the latest TV show 

If all your friends are talking about the latest series on TV and you haven’t had a chance to watch it yet, well now you can. Netflix and Amazon prime have some good tv series for you to watch. Or if you’ve got it Sky has all their TV series on the sky box. But these  are all paid subscription. 


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